4 Tips for choosing a reputable HVAC contractor

Have you decided to install a new HVAC system in your home or office building? Or you have discovered that an already existing unit needs to be repaired?
You definitely wouldn’t want an unskilled technician working on the installation, maintenance and repair of your heating or air conditioning system. When choosing a HVAC contractor or company, you want to be sure you are employing the services of qualified technicians who possesses in depth knowledge of the technicalities of modern HVAC systems. Here are some tips on what to do when planning to hire HVAC contractors.

Carry out thorough research
Most HVAC installation and servicing companies now have online presence. By simply taking time to research about the company, will really help your decision making. Visit the company’s website to learn about its contractors, mode of operation and general information. You will also want to check for licence numbers, badges, credentials, referrals, testimonials, and the number of years in business. Be careful of contractors with tons of online reviews; a lot of times, they turn out fake.
Find out which company specialises in the installation, repair and maintenance of that particular model. Before hiring any contractor, ask to see their previous jobs or feedbacks from previous customers and follow them up. Check for complaint records at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and ask for opinions of friends and neighbours. Look up contractor’s licencing website to ascertain the status of HVAC servicing companies.

Always demand for written quotations
When in talks with a contractor, always demand for written estimates. A written estimate will contain details of the work to be done, materials required, and the financial implications. However, verbal contracts are considered legally valid in a place like California but it is important that you still demand for a written quotation. In fact, reputable contractors will hand you one before you request for it because it will serve as a guide which they will adhere to. Be wary of any contractor who gives you an estimate without proper survey of your home or office building.

Meet the contractor in person
A reputable HVAC contractor must be willing to visit your home or office buildings to inspect and discuss relevant contractual details before commencing work. A visit will give you an opportunity to state what you want and how you want it and it also offers the contractor an opportunity to give recommendations and advices. A real technician will come over to your home to inspect your ducts, insulations, window type and also carry out the manual J-calculation. All of these cannot be done over the phone so, if a HVAC contractor gives you an estimate over the phone, then they are not worth the hire. A HVAC contractor must be neat, make you feel comfortable, vast and equipped to provide answers to any HVAC related questions with expertise.
Be wary of the lowest bidder
Cheap doesn’t always mean you got the best bargain and in the long run, it might cost you more. It is disheartening to be encountering technical problems with your HVAC system just weeks after having the unit installed or repaired.
Cases of HVAC installations executed by quacks under the guise of cheap and affordable services have become a thing in various part of the Globe. What then do you do to get the best deals from HVAC contractors?
• Get multiple bids
• Weigh-up the bids and use your guts
You must know that the services of the real HVAC contractors are always expensive and it is always better to hire them. It is best to do it right the first time.

In conclusion, the installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance of HVAC systems is quite demanding and expensive. Adhere to the tips provided in this article and you will never have to worry about hiring quacks. Be quick to demand for necessary paperwork such as bonds, licences, professional certificates and permits even if the contractor was recommended by your closest pal.